Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Indie In the City Handcrafted Market, October 4th!!

Indie in the Windy City Handcrafted Market will be in full swing on Saturday, October 4th!!
Come and check out some great handmade goods from lots of local Indie sellers...Lulu Mae, greenie bean recycle, concious clothing, as time goes by, bugs'nbones, Little Pearl, spinalfusion, orangeyporangy, kinderstuff, Rebel Wolf tees, and lots more!
The New Friendly Towers
920 west wilson
Saturday, October 4th
3 blocks east of the wilson redline stop, 4 blocks west of Lake Shore Drive.
the only event of it's kind in the uptown area!
Shop handmade for the Holidays!!! (early)

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orange necklace
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