Friday, September 26, 2008

Who is coming to our Indie Party?

You! and a host of others!!! Take a look at this list of vendors. We are gonna have us a good time!
*orangporangy * spinalfusion
*Blue Thimble Handmade *Bugs 'n Bones
*Kinderfluff *Lulu's Stabby Critters
*greeniebeanrecyclables *Bead of a Different Drummer
*Love, Lulu Mae *ecram1
*Shades of Gray * Cynthia's designs
*As Time Goes By * CharmU
*Short Torso *Spilled Ink Press
*Sew Rad *Cranky Pickle
*Big City Fuzz *baby Otis's mom
*Conscious Clothing *Tony Brown
*Forgivin' Vessels

Check it out! you are bound to find something that you love!!!
Saturday, october 4th, we'll be waiting!!!!!!!

indie in the windy city handcrafted market
920 west wilson ave.
saturday, october 4th, 10-4 p.m.

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orange necklace
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